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Quality Control


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Translate Your Contents

Your contents do not have to stay in your country. Let us help you translate your unique works and let everyone in the world enjoy!

Translation Workflow - Inquiry to Delivery

1. Inquiry

Email us about your project, request, or any inquiry at below

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2. Let's talk about your project

We translate, as well as put subtitle in your video, or create graphic captions for your video. Send us your materials, and let’s discuss to what extent we can help.

3. Translation

Our experienced staffs will carefully translate your words into another language, in a style that suits your contents. We can speak Japanese, English, and Spanish.

4. Revise and Finalize

Before we hand in our works, we’ll always double check and revise any possible mistakes.



Let us know if you would like us to put subtitles into your video project, or even more, creating graphic captions, logos, and more

5. Delivery

We’ll deliver the translated text or subtitled footage with data format suitable for your needs.

Delivery Format

Please let us know your prefered delivery data format.

-format example-

  1. Text data(word. Excel and etc.)
  2. Footage data(mp4.,  Mov., youtube and etc.)
  3. Graphic data (jpg,  png, psd, ai and etc.)

Delivery Methods

  • Small data (less than 25MB): E-mail
  • Large data: File transfer service such as wetransfer.

Delivery Date

After receiving original materials, we can typically finalize the project within 3-5 business days.

Please let us know if you need express service.

Service Fee

The service fee is $75 per each working hour.

Depending on the contents, the total amount of time it takes to translate will differ. For instance, you can expect approximately 1hr of translating process for a 5-8 min. footage from a cooking show.

Payment Methods

Credit Card, Check, and Wire Transfer are available.

More Possibilities

Let’s stay connected even after the project is delivered. We can support you by connecting you with influencers overseas to boost your subscribers. Let us help your next move!

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