People at HVE

Los Angeles Office


Fluent in Hakata&Saga dialects. Moved to LA in his mid 20’s. After graduating from California State University, he worked for a TV/Film Production company and founded High Voltage Entertainment (HVE) in 2010. He is a producer and coordinator for TV show, promotional videos, music videos, and more. In his over 20-year experience, he’s visited all 50 states in the U.S. has been helping clients’ project to come true. Recently, he’s been looking for a way to lose weight, but can never give up junk food and beer.


Kyosan loved drawing as a child, and practiced drawing while she was pretending to study. Her interests expanded to animation and to video making. Moving to the US in 2011, she attended University of California San Diego as a Visual Arts major and mainly studied Media Production. She joined the team in 2016. Her drawing skills allowed her to work not only on film productions but also on graphic designs. Loves drawing people’s faces, but has to beautify them for those who can’t face the reality.


Tsubasa has been interested in movies since his childhood. After learning English at language school for a year, he moved to the U.S. and studied at Santa Monica College and CSUN majoring Film Production. He became an intern at HVE for a year, and joined the team. Aside from being a filmmaker and an editor, he’s a good cook. Lives with three cats and can communicate better with animals than with humans. Currently, Tsubasa is into color correction/grading.


After graduating from university, Sai attended film school and worked as an assistant director in Japanese film industry. She moved to the U.S. in 2013, attended Film Production Program at Los Angeles City College, and joined the team in 2017. She is fascinated by pictures, movies, storytelling, and cultures. During the quarantine, she started practicing ukulele, but later found out that she was holding the instrument the wrong way the whole time when she showed off her skill to other HVE staffs. Although she was born and raised in Japan, her Japanese is a little different from others.


After graduating university in Japan, Eri worked for a travel agency as a tour operator. Then, she moved to the U.S. to learn and work in the entertainment industry. After learning English in NYC, she took Entertainment Business Program at UCLA Extension. Eri has joined HVE as an intern. She likes having coffee and chilling at the cafe.

Tokyo Office


Shige joined a film production company in LA, and worked for movies, commercials, music videos and more. In 2016, he founded High Voltage Entertainment Japan in Tokyo, Japan. He is well-versed in music, and his collection of records and CDs could be over a couple thousands. He enjoys alcohol very much and never gets drunk. Loves driving around, and is considering buying an ax in a near future.


Coming soon


After Shun studied Film Production in Sydney, Australia, and worked as a fleerance director, he joined HVE and directed many documentaries. He is a multi-player who can handle everything from production to post-production. A proud Otaku on new film equipment and insects.

Special skill: Boxing, but has very kind eyes.

Life: He is born under the star of detouring, and needs to spend more time and energy then others, though, everything goes well at the end.

His apartment: It is a facility for raising healthy and strong insects.


Hisako is in charge of general affair and accounting at High Voltage Entertainment Japan, ass well as our group company, Open Stans Inc. She is also in charge of taming any misbehaving members in the team.

Panama City Office


Originally from Osaka, Japan, Kohei fell in love with South America while studying in Ecuador, and decided to live in Panama. He worked for a travel agency, became a Japanese-Spanish medical interpreter, a film production coordinator, and then founded High Voltage Entertainment Latin America in Panama. Positive thinker and “Viva la Vida.” The voice-over he did for a Spanish-speaking comedian with his Osaka dialect was, to say the least, pretty good.


Jordan McNeile


Jordan studied Film Production at University of Southern California. He has done many productions as D.P.,  and is also co-owner of equipment rental company “Evidence Film Studio” in LA. He loves camping and hiking, and often keeps himself in wildness whenever he gets time.

Yuta Okamura


Yuta studied Film Production at University of Southern California. He is based in both of Tokyo and LA, and works for multiple genre: documentaries, music videos, promotional video and more.. He is a big fan of Godzilla, and what makes him interesting is his creativity and imagination like a child.

Hitoshi Tomonori

Chief Lighting Technician

Hitoshi’s motto as a chief lighting technician is safety on set, cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction. He is also an expert for installation of lighting in an extensive production set and has knowledge of stage lighting. He is always ready with his personal 3t and 5t Trucks!

Ko Eto

Director/Editor/Camera Op.

Ko is originally from Oita, Japan.

He studied Film Production at Sydney Film School in Australia and Capilano University in Canada. His passion is telling a story through videos and pictures and defining self-definition by filming.

Apo W. Bazidi


Born in Turkey and raised in San Francisco. After graduating from University of Southern California, he has done many production as a producer and director. He created an award-winning film “Resistance is Life,” which was filmed during the war in Syria. His super positive energy makes everyone happy!

Koshiro Nakagami

Web Engineer/ Developer/ SEO Consultant

After working for an auto-parts manufacture in Japan, Koshiro followed his dream of studying film production in Hollywood, and joined a Post-Production Company. He expanded into the Web Industry, and founded a company “Cloudeffects LLC”. Not limited to Post-Production, but also he covers creating and consulting websites. He loves cruising in his spare time.

Mark Armenta

AC/Camera Technician

Mark is a right-hand person of DP, Jordan.  He is always joking around on set and seems to be too relaxed to get done his job though, his work is always solid. The gap between his attitude and his work makes him more fascinating!

His hobby is road biking, but he sometimes struggles with LA’s bad road condition and can not help bringing his bike into buses or metros instead of riding.

Katsuya Imai

Production Designer/Art Director/Set Designer

Katsu is an experienced and succeeded production/art/set designer in Japanese film/TV industry over 10 years. In 2018, he moved to LA to improve his skills and gain more experiences. He’s done multiple international film productions in the U.S., Australia and more.

Dorothy Lee

Experimental Video Artist

Dorothy is a Korean American.

While attending grad-school at University of Southern California, she is working on indie short films. Her film style is experimental, and passionate about renaissance-style human body beauty.

Shinji Ishida

TV/Sports Cameraman

He is a Cameraman who lives for surfing! He truly loves LA, and a freewheeling kind of guy. Currently his base is Japan, and he works for multiple TV shows.



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