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We’re offering a remote filming service. Now, you can stay at home and connect with filming crew on set in Japan!

Remote Filming workflow

Inquiry to Delivery

1. Inquiry

Email us about your project, request, or any inquiry.

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2. Let’s talk about your project

Please tell us about your project’s details such as budget, schedule, finished look and etc...and let’s discuss what extent we can help.

3. Pre-production

We’ll do some research for your project, and send you a film production cost estimate. Once clearing the schedule and budget, we’ll arrange locations, interviewees, casts, filming permits, equipment, and accommodations.

4. Production (Remote Filming)

Offering a remote filming service to minimized crew size on set. You can stay at home, and supervise and give direction to filming crew in Japan via online meeting system. Our staff will attend as coordinator / interpreter as your needs. Please let us know if you would like to have an interpreter in a specialized area or field.


Editing, Subtitle/Graphics

Editing a video to meet your project’s intention. Let us know if you would like us

to put subtitles into your video project, or even more, creating graphic captions,

logos, and more. To avoid any mistakes, we’ll double-check a finalized footage.

5. Delivery

We’ll deliver the finalized footage with data format suitable for your needs. Keeping a data backup and additional service request is available as you need.

Delivery Format

Please let us know your prefered delivery data format.

-format example-

  1. Video Date(mp4、 Mov、 youtube  etc.)
  2. Graphic Date  (jpg、 png、 psd、 ai etc.)

Delivery Methods

  1. Small data (less than 25MB): E-mail
  2. Large data: File transfer service such as wetransfer.

Service Fee

Depending on the project, the service fee will differ, so feel free to contact us.

Payment Methods

Credit Card, Check, and Wire Transfer are available.

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